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Series 2014 Bonds – August 1, 2014

Tab 1-Mandatory Tender Notice for 2003 and 2007 Bonds

Tab 2-Term Sheet for Purchase of Bonds

Tab 3-Collaboration Agreement (Issuer, County, City, RACL and PDCVB)

Tab 4-Letter from PDCVB required by Collaboration Agreement

Tab 5-Evidence or rating assigned by Moody’s to the long-term, unenhanced general obligation debt of the County

Tab 6-Secured Transaction-All Lien Searches (including judgements, pending suit, and taxes) (Issuer) (all appropriate offices)

Tab 7-Policies or Evidence of Insurance and Insurance Certificates (ACORD 25-S, Acord27) (containing required 30-day notice clause and naming the Purchaser as sole lender)

Tab 8-Trust Indenture (Issuer and Trustee)(Part 1)

Tab 8-Trust Indenture (Issuer and Trustee)(Part 2)

Tab 9-Specimen 2014 Bond

Tab 10-Optional Redemption Notice (Issuer and Purchaser)

Tab 11-Investor Letter

Tab 12-UCC-1 Financing Statements (Issuer in favor of Trustee) (Secretary of State)

Tab 13-Guaranteed Debt Service Reserve Fund Replenishment Note (Issuer)

Tab 14-Hotel Room Rental Tax Ordinance

Tab 15-Guaranty Agreement

Tab 16- Reimbursement Agreement

Tab 17a-County Debt Act Proceedings – Application for Approval -DCED

Tab 17b-County Ordinance

Tab 17c-Proofs of Publication

Tab 17d-Debt Statement and Borrowing Base Certificate

Tab 17e-Self-Liquidating Debt Report

Tab 18-Continuing Covenant Agreement (Issuer and Purchaser)

Tab 19-ISDA Master Agreement (Issuer and Swap Counterparty)

Tab 20-Schedule to ISDA Master Agreement (Issuer and Swap Counterparty

Tab 21-Amended and Restated Confirmation to ISDA Master Agreement (2003 Bonds)

Tab 22-Amended and Restated Confirmation to ISDA Master Agreement (2007Bonds)

Tab 23-First Amendment to the ISDA Master Agreement

Tab 24-Termination Agreement (re DSRF Investment Agreement)

Tab 25a-Articles of Incorporation (PA)


Tab 25c-Subsistence Certificate (PA)

Tab 25d-Resolution

Tab 26-General Certificate of Trustee

Tab 27-County General Certificate

Tab 28-Opinion of Counsel to the Issuer

Tab 29-Opinion of Counsel to the County

Tab 30-Bond Counsel Opinion

Tab 31-Form 8038-G to be filed with the IRS

Tab 32-Non-Arbitrage Certificate and Compliance Agreement (Issuer)

Tab 33-Certificate of Purchaser

Tab 34-Certificate of Municipal Advisor

Tab 35-Closing Receipt

Tab 36-Closing Statement

Tab 37-Discharge and Release of 2003 Bonds- 2007 Bonds Indenture

Tab 38-UCC Termination Statements

Tab 39-Defeasance Opinion

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