Contributing to the economic vitality of Lancaster by providing an inviting,
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LCCCA Resolution – 2014 Bonds – June 6, 2014

Convention Center Collaboration Agreement – Approved June 6, 2014


Resolution RE Officers Certificate – November 17, 2016


Resolution and Legal Memos October 18, 2018


Resolution #1: re Response to COVID 19 6.25.2020
Resolution #2: re Ratification of 7.15.2020 CARES Act Fund Agreement with Lancaster County
Resolution #3: re LCCCA COVID Funds – November 2020


LCCCA Resolution #1: re Waiver of Board Member Compensation and Amendment to Bylaws January 21, 2021
LCCCA Resolution #2: re Receipt-Distribution of American Rescue Plan Act Funds November 18, 2021
LCCCA Resolution #3: re Honoring the Service of Mary Ellen Davis November 18, 2021


Resolution #1: LCCCA Resolution re 2022 Lease July 28, 2022
Resolution #2: LCCCA Resolution re 2022 MOU with Discover Lancaster July 28, 2022
Resolution #3: LCCCA 2023 Bond Refinancing Proposal June 28, 2022


Resolution #1: Resolution Expression of Interest for Purchase & Development of 101 S Queen St. – Purchase Development of Airrights at 10 East Vine St. & 106 South Christian St.

Resolution #2: Resolution Authorizing Payment for Expenses Relating to Sewer Line Improvements

Resolution #3: Resolution – LCCCA – Investment Direction

Resolution #4: Resolution Authorizing Execution of a Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Investment of CRIZ Authority-Provided Funds

Resolution #5: Resolution Authorizing the Execution of the Scope of Service and Fee Proposal for Hammel & Associates for Renovation of the Lyida Hamilton Smith House


Resolution #1: Resolution for Build Out of Lydia Hamilton Smith Property

Resolution #2: Resolution to Provide Authority to Executive Director to Award Bids for Paver Project

Resolution #3: Resolution to Provide Authority to Executive Director to Promote the Public Sale of the Swan Hotel (only)

Resolution #4: Resolution for Award of Bid for Improvements to 21-23 East Vine Street (Lydia Hamilton Smith House) Improvements

Resolution #5: Resolution Authorizing LancasterHistory.Org to Perform Interior and Entrance Construction at 45-47 South Queen Street

Resolution #6: Resolution Authorizing Award of the Sale of 101 South Queen Street to Brentwood Builders

Resolution #7: Resolution for Acceptance of Design Proposal for Improvements for Commons on Vine Area

Resolution #8: Resolution Authorizing the Implementation & Use of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority Record Retention Guidelines

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