Contributing to the economic vitality of Lancaster by providing an inviting,
world-class business and event destination for guests.


A key goal and requirement of the LCCCA is to provide leadership and conduct business in the most transparent manner. In support of this goal, here is a collection of documents and resources that may be helpful to members of the community in staying informed about the operations of the Lancaster County Convention Center.

LCCCA/County of Lancaster Joint Disclosure Agreement December 1, 2022
LCCCA $6,755,000 HRRT Revenue Bonds Series A of 2022, & $62,730,000 HRRT Bonds Series B of 2022
2022 MOU with Discover Lancaster July 28, 2022 Lease July 28, 2022
LCCCA 2022 Bond Refinancing Proposal June 28, 2022
Convention Center CARES Act Funding Agreement 7.15.2020
Second Supplemental Trust Indenture 6.26.2020
2018 MOU with Discover Lancaster October 10, 2018
2018 Discover Lancaster Letter to County Treasurer (Regarding HRRT Distribution per MOU)
HVS LCCC Report Final 12 18 2018
HVS LCCC Report Final 12 14 2021
December 3, 2018 Amendment to $62,595,000 2014 Bond Series
Conventions, Sports & Leisure Final Report, February 11, 2016 (Assessment of Downtown Real Estate)
Conventions, Sports & Leisure Final Report, May 16, 2012 (Analysis of the Operations and Sales of the Lancaster County Convention Center)
IAVM Convention Center Survey Report on Exclusive Contracts
Executed Utilities Invoicing Agreement 2015
LCCCA Strategic Priorities 2011-2015 
2022 Audit
2021 Audit
2020 Audit
2019 Audit
2018 Audit
2017 Audit
2016 Audit
2015 Audit
2014 Audit
2013 Audit
2012 Audit
2011 Audit
2010 Audit
2009 Audit
Public Record Inspection and Duplication Policy
Public Records Request Form
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