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Privacy Policy

Web Site Use and Privacy Policy

The Lancaster County Convention Center Authority (the “Authority”) has established this web site (the “Web Site”) to further its public purpose and facilitate the exchange of information between the Authority and the public consistent with that purpose. Use of this web site by the Authority, its members, and staff, as well as members of the public (collectively, “Users”) is conditioned upon their agreement to adhere to this Use and Privacy Policy. Use of the Web Site shall constitute such agreement.


The Authority respects the privacy of Users but cannot and does not assure Users that information that they provide will be strictly private.

A. The Web Site collects and retains certain information about Users. Information such as IP addresses, browser identification, operating system data and historical information is collected and may be used by the Authority and its partners. It is impossible for the Authority to identify specific users or e-mail address with this collected information. The sole purpose of collecting this data is to collect statistical data related to site visits, page views and time spent on the site.

B. The Authority may be required to disclose information. Under certain circumstances, the Authority may be required to disclose information pursuant to federal, state or local laws.


Electronic mail messages sent from the Authority and to the Authority using the Web Site must be related to the activities of the authority. Private use is prohibited.

A. Electronic mail messages are not private. The recipient of a message can forward it to any number of other individuals or groups. Messages may be accidentally misdelivered. Electronic mail may become evidence in legal proceedings or may be disclosed as required by federal, state or local laws. All users are required to consent that the Authority may review any messages on the system, may use any information for any purpose, and may disclose such messages to third parties. All messages should be composed with the expectation that they will be made public.

B. Electronic mail must be businesslike, courteous and lawful. Electronic Mail must not be used for the expression of ill will or bias against individuals or groups, offensive material such as obscenity, vulgarity or profanity, jokes, sarcasm, pornography or other non-businesslike material. Electronic mail must not be used to distribute confidential, copyrighted or other protected material. The Authority reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against Users who engage in such activity.

C. Electronic mail may contain viruses. Users are responsible to take adequate steps to prevent the introduction of viruses, Trojans and other destructive devices onto the Web Site.

D. The Authority reserves the right to monitor electronic mail. By using the electronic mail system, all Users consent to the Authority’s inspection, use or disclosure of any electronic mail or other electronic communications and/or data without further notice as well as the Authority’s deletion of inappropriate matter.

E. Electronic mail may not be used to bind the Authority. Users may not use electronic mail to enter into binding obligations with or on behalf of the Authority. No offer can be made or contract formed using electronic mail or other electronic communications.


The Authority believes that information displayed on the Web Site is accurate but Users should not rely upon such information without independent verification.

A. The Authority is not responsible for inaccurate or outdated information. Users should contact the Authority to verify that information displayed is accurate and current

B. Summaries are provided for the convenience of Users. Summaries and announcements posted on the Web Site are provided for the convenience of Users. Interested Users should review official documents and schedules.

C. The Authority is not responsible for third party content. Certain information on the Web Site or available by hyperlinks is furnished by third parties. The Authority has no responsibility for this information.


Questions concerning this policy should be addressed to or Lancaster County Convention Center Authority, 25 South Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603.


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