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During unprecedented economic conditions, Convention Center successes include the employment of 176 people

During one-on-one conversations with people in the community about the success of the Lancaster County Convention Center, individuals often convey to me that they believe we have a great story to tell and are not telling it.  So to that end, we’re stepping up our efforts to tell our good stories.

convention center success

Some of the integrated facility's 176 full-time employees, shown here representing the team's enthusiasm for grand opening.

To me, one of the most important successes of the integrated facility is the employment of 176 people in full time positions.

That is significant. Even in the face of unprecedented and unanticipated market challenges due to the prolonged economic recession, the convention center supports the economic wellbeing of 176 of the region’s families by providing employment.

Personally, I find this to be one of the most gratifying realities of the operation of the Lancaster County Convention Center.

It is also one more example of how the convention center is indeed succeeding operationally and as an economic engine for the community, even in the midst of our discussions about its debt structure and revenue streams.

— Kevin R. Molloy, Executive Director, Lancaster County Convention Center Authority


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